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Important features your business website needs to have

In the digital triggered world, we live in today, maintaining a website is of utmost importance for both commercial and business needs. An obsolete website without valid information can rank the sites page behind on search engines like Google.

The idea of maintaining a business website is as crucial as building a business because they require to be updated regularly and also cater to customer needs, and wants. Many companies hire a separate team to keep tabs and enhance the productivity of these websites, but to no avail. Digital agencies like Blue Whale Media assist companies and websites in catering to the needs of the customer and hence help the companies and local businesses to manage their time efficiently.

Read further to know the important features every business website ought to possess.

 Contact Information

Although this is a no-brainer, many of the companies and start-up businesses fail to add the contact information to their websites. It is essential to generate sales calls as well as help the customers get in touch with the business employees. It is important to maintain a CTA that links to the email, to ease the burden on the customers.

 A Blog

We’ve all come across the popular saying that goes ‘Content is King’, and rightly so because publishing quality content on the websites not only helps in enhancing and raking the web page on search engines, but also provides information on topics about your business, to the potential customers. Creating a shareable blog can also enhance the reach of the product or website.


Every online website or product feels the necessity for security, this is especially important for e-commerce websites selling products online. The security of a website can be enhanced by taking the SSL certification, which helps in keeping the credit card, debit card, and other payment information safe on the online platform. This not only safeguards customer information but also builds trust over time.

 Device compatibility

Most of the online services and websites are viewed with the help of smartphones and tablets. 70% of the time people use their smartphones and tablets to search for information on the web. Hence, it is essential for the website to cater to the User Interface of the mobile screen and showcase good device compatibility. A good company or a brand with poor compatibility showcases an atrocious brand quality.

 Live Chats

With the use of technologies like artificial intelligence and the emergence of bots, customer support and assistance has sky-rocketed in the last five years. This necessarily means the customers can have a chat with the customer support executives in minimal time and solve their pain points.


Career choices for web developers and designers

As per data given on Glassdoor the average salary in the United States for web developers is slightly higher than the average salaries for web designers however this is subject to many variables including location experience and skillsets to get a real sense of what each world earns it’s essential to do your research because websites like Glassdoor pay scale and indeed are great for comparing salaries in your specific area depending on the soft skills required in both roles, many people use the terms left brain and right brain when drawing the comparison between web designers and web developers, this is to suggest that people who think more linearly and logically a left-brain dominant and will enjoy web development while people who are more creative and possess an artistic nature a right-brain sound and more flourishing web design. However, multiple studies debunk these theories, so don’t think you’re more likely to do better in one area than another because you’re more creative or more logical. Web development can be a perfect profession for an artist, same goes for a mathematician who can be equally skilled at web design.

Web developers

Choices a career amongst the two

There are quite a few notable differences the excellent news is that even web designer can choose to be a web developer either career choice may require you to have an adequate functioning knowledge of the other field, for example, successful developers will know how to use colour schemes, and typography in creating wireframes and layouts just as successful designers will understand basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript techniques to understand the technical limitations of their creative designs and user experience specifications, either way, it’s essential to do your research before making a decision.

Job roles

A web designer is a creative artist who works to create graphic designs and develops different types of styles items and design objects which will enhance the visual appeal of the website. A web designers job requires an individual to harness all of his/her creative energy and focus it in one place to gain the maximum out of a project. These projects run on short deadlines, increasing workload. A web developer, as the name suggests, works on developing applications and function tools for the website on the internet. Developers are supposed to know computing languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C++, etc. It is highly unlikely to find a developer who is well aware and rehearsed in all programming languages.  Generally, one developer works on one or two words as it becomes easier to master and practice over time.


Whatever career you choose, be it a web developer or a web designer, the job is tasking and requires the employee to fulfil a lot of work which is based on deadlines and fast working fingers. Salaries differ a bit, but it is essential to understand that one should always choose a profession that they love.

Web learners

Career paths for web learners

If you’ve learned HTML and CSS and you weigh up your options you’re looking at how to progress your career, but you don’t know where to go from here, this is not supposed to be a 100% guide, this is meant to be a way to show all the available routes which you can take as there are many. There are different routes if you’re more of a designer, you can become a front-end developer. There are front-end developers that are stronger on design than the development. Eventually, something will come about, that will better distinguish an individual’s skill set, but you can become a design-centric front-end developer, shall we say so in that regard keep working on your skillset, most importantly on HTML and CSS which prove to be a bit simpler than the others as well as less time-consuming. Learn version-control specifically, and you don’t have to master JavaScript if you know that your strength lies in the design, you can get by with jQuery you can even build e-commerce sites, social networking sites by leveraging the power of a CMS.

Using WordPress

There are many WordPress expression engines, there are two top-rated e-commerce plug-ins, the WooCommerce plug-in and shop this body press, if you need to make a social networking site there are two well-known WordPress themes Divi and Genesis. Divi is a theme which is more geared to suit the needs of a designer, given its flexibility. Genesis is the one which performs to its optimum level in the hands of a developer and would provide him/her with total control of the site and the only thing with using a CMS is you’ve got to know how to how to secure the database you’ll need to have some maintenance package as well as individually on WordPress. It needs to be maintained, and you need to either show the client how to update it or sign them up on some maintenance package,  the thing with a maintenance package is that it brings with itself a load of responsibility which you might not want to get entangled with. Where you click update and it breaks, and you’ve got to try and fix it as fast as you can because you may not get be getting paid all that much on a maintenance package.


In a nutshell

Bear in mind; eventually, you may find that you team up with a developer then they can take care of the programming side of things and then you can hone your skills on UX and UI design, that’s an exciting area, even branding. You can handle the whole discovery process of the project. It is essential to get clear on the client’s message and their audience and guide the client through that area to produce the design and hand that over to the developer the extraordinary thing about becoming part of a team is you have better access then to the $3,000 $5,000 $10,000 plus projects.

Open-source software

Free software and open-source software

There is an important distinction to be made between the two terms in regards to they’re precise definitions as to how we understand them so for example free software tends to refer to the description as outlined by RMS and the FSF in regards to the four essential software freedoms the freedom to run an applique program as you wish and to view the source code. The freedom to modify that source code so that it works for you the freedom to redistribute that program and the freedom to redistribute your improvements to that program so that you might help the wider community and open source refers to, and it does have a specified definition, it has significantly more points to it. There’s a little more to it than just the four points of free software.

Free software

Free vs Open-source

Free software refers to the political movement whereas open-source refers to the development model, and that tends to be where the train of thought goes and exists much to the surprise of some software outside of the internet. Free and open-source software is exclusively used, the term open source works for a few people from time to time, when we refer to free software to people who don’t understand the political and philosophical terms beneath it they tend to go towards the other version or the different definition of gratis. Free as in free beer rather than free as in freedom of speech and if you’re talking about free software and you’re only talking about free software. Using that term many people might expect things like the google chrome’s browser to be free software or even something like google docs or Hotmail to be free software because you don’t have to pay to use it and that is a misinterpretation. Open source is a term that is straightforward enough for people at least they broadly understand what it is that the language is trying to say.

The terminology

People use the term open source over free software as it does tend to revolve around those issues of just trying to be as clear and understandable as possible because they work with a lot of non-techie people, with computers and technology with open-source. You must be on the same page with the people that you work with, and they find that term to be perfect. So why don’t we combine the terms something, perhaps a very simplistic way of searching it but when it comes to things like the political or philosophical movements messaging is essential, and it is one of the things that we quite often drop the ball on?


In the open-source community, is the marketing aspect of ourselves is easy to see, we’re a community of predominantly, software engineers, who are not going to have the training or the qualifications or the experience in that department and we’re going to be most enthusiastic about the more practical elements of the industry.


Web designer

Web developer vs Web designer

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between web development and web design it’s true that there are some vast similarities between them and the two roles do go hand-in-hand. Still, they have different processes, use various tools and even have different salaries. A web designer is responsible for the aesthetic design of the web site as well as the experience of the web site for the user the way the web site looks and feels a website designer has the tricky task of integrating user experience into their design all the while keeping in mind the branding colour palettes, typography and readability of the website to ensure it’s both eye captions and usability. A web developer takes those designs and turns them into a live functioning and error-free web site, in other words, they build the actual interface through which users interact with the web site to ensure a website’s functionality.

Web developer

What are the tools used by web designers and developers?

All web designers are the ones who maintain the web site’s design and visual appeal. They typically use graphic design software such as Photoshop Illustrator, Sigma and sketch tools which are significant in building proper wireframes and exact prototypes which are relevant in making the site’s layout. They also help in navigating  a product and even web site analytics, we’ve already touched on the fact that web developers use programming languages to create the website’s code, but they also use different kinds of systems and languages to set up an email service which would run on several databases authenticated by some technical aspects of the sites, to do this,  developers use software like text editors, a command-line interface and version control to build the features that will present the data now let’s take a look

Differences in portfolio presentation

Both the two roles, web designers and web developers need a good portfolio to showcase their skills and experience for future employers and clients however web designers and web developers tend to use different services to create their collections, for example, a designer might use websites that offer the ability to showcase their expertise in colour schemes graphic design ability and creativity such a the hearts or dribble on the other hand. Web developers tend to rely on websites like GitHub that shows how the developer can rearrange the codes so that they can make an elegant coding apparatus which is readable to other web developers or cloud-based website hosting services like AWS and Heroku to display static websites and web applications that they might have created.

Portfolio presentation


Web developers use web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as various software applications which will help them to construct a structure of the building site. These people create structures that the clients can live in just as architects and builders collaborate to create a beautiful home for the clients. Web developers and designers work symbiotically to create a fantastic product for the user.


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