Post Pandemic Job Opportunities

The pandemic has begun. The government has issued a nationwide pandemic warning with calls for residents to stay home and avoid contact with anyone unless necessary. The pandemic creates jobs with increased infection rates requiring health professionals, pandemic awareness officers, and pandemic safety workers. The pandemic has also created a few pandemic jobs with pandemic […]

What Is Flat Logo Design?

At the beginning of the new century, all brands used to restyle their logos by adding 3D effects through the use of shines and shadows, but in the last few years, we have seen how most of them have gotten rid of them and opted for flat logos in London, knowing the criticism they would […]

Career paths for web learners

If you’ve learned HTML and CSS and you weigh up your options you’re looking at how to progress your career, but you don’t know where to go from here, this is not supposed to be a 100% guide, this is meant to be a way to show all the available routes which you can take […]

Free software and open-source software

There is an important distinction to be made between the two terms in regards to they’re precise definitions as to how we understand them so for example free software tends to refer to the description as outlined by RMS and the FSF in regards to the four essential software freedoms the freedom to run an […]

Web developer vs Web designer

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between web development and web design it’s true that there are some vast similarities between them and the two roles do go hand-in-hand. Still, they have different processes, use various tools and even have different salaries. A web designer is responsible for the aesthetic design of the […]