Free software and open-source software

Open-source software

There is an important distinction to be made between the two terms in regards to they’re precise definitions as to how we understand them so for example free software tends to refer to the description as outlined by RMS and the FSF in regards to the four essential software freedoms the freedom to run an applique program as you wish and to view the source code. The freedom to modify that source code so that it works for you the freedom to redistribute that program and the freedom to redistribute your improvements to that program so that you might help the wider community and open source refers to, and it does have a specified definition, it has significantly more points to it. There’s a little more to it than just the four points of free software.

Free software

Free vs Open-source

Free software refers to the political movement whereas open-source refers to the development model, and that tends to be where the train of thought goes and exists much to the surprise of some software outside of the internet. Free and open-source software is exclusively used, the term open source works for a few people from time to time, when we refer to free software to people who don’t understand the political and philosophical terms beneath it they tend to go towards the other version or the different definition of gratis. Free as in free beer rather than free as in freedom of speech and if you’re talking about free software and you’re only talking about free software. Using that term many people might expect things like the google chrome’s browser to be free software or even something like google docs or Hotmail to be free software because you don’t have to pay to use it and that is a misinterpretation. Open source is a term that is straightforward enough for people at least they broadly understand what it is that the language is trying to say.

The terminology

People use the term open source over free software as it does tend to revolve around those issues of just trying to be as clear and understandable as possible because they work with a lot of non-techie people, with computers and technology with open-source. You must be on the same page with the people that you work with, and they find that term to be perfect. So why don’t we combine the terms something, perhaps a very simplistic way of searching it but when it comes to things like the political or philosophical movements messaging is essential, and it is one of the things that we quite often drop the ball on?


In the open-source community, is the marketing aspect of ourselves is easy to see, we’re a community of predominantly, software engineers, who are not going to have the training or the qualifications or the experience in that department and we’re going to be most enthusiastic about the more practical elements of the industry.


Free software and open-source software

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