Important features your business website needs to have

In the digital triggered world, we live in today, maintaining a website is of utmost importance for both commercial and business needs. An obsolete website without valid information can rank the sites page behind on search engines like Google.

The idea of maintaining a business website is as crucial as building a business because they require to be updated regularly and also cater to customer needs, and wants. Many companies hire a separate team to keep tabs and enhance the productivity of these websites, but to no avail. Digital agencies like Blue Whale Media assist companies and websites in catering to the needs of the customer and hence help the companies and local businesses to manage their time efficiently.

Read further to know the important features every business website ought to possess.

 Contact Information

Although this is a no-brainer, many of the companies and start-up businesses fail to add the contact information to their websites. It is essential to generate sales calls as well as help the customers get in touch with the business employees. It is important to maintain a CTA that links to the email, to ease the burden on the customers.

 A Blog

We’ve all come across the popular saying that goes ‘Content is King’, and rightly so because publishing quality content on the websites not only helps in enhancing and raking the web page on search engines, but also provides information on topics about your business, to the potential customers. Creating a shareable blog can also enhance the reach of the product or website.


Every online website or product feels the necessity for security, this is especially important for e-commerce websites selling products online. The security of a website can be enhanced by taking the SSL certification, which helps in keeping the credit card, debit card, and other payment information safe on the online platform. This not only safeguards customer information but also builds trust over time.

 Device compatibility

Most of the online services and websites are viewed with the help of smartphones and tablets. 70% of the time people use their smartphones and tablets to search for information on the web. Hence, it is essential for the website to cater to the User Interface of the mobile screen and showcase good device compatibility. A good company or a brand with poor compatibility showcases an atrocious brand quality.

 Live Chats

With the use of technologies like artificial intelligence and the emergence of bots, customer support and assistance has sky-rocketed in the last five years. This necessarily means the customers can have a chat with the customer support executives in minimal time and solve their pain points.

Important features your business website needs to have

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