Web developer vs Web designer

Web designer

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between web development and web design it’s true that there are some vast similarities between them and the two roles do go hand-in-hand. Still, they have different processes, use various tools and even have different salaries. A web designer is responsible for the aesthetic design of the web site as well as the experience of the web site for the user the way the web site looks and feels a website designer has the tricky task of integrating user experience into their design all the while keeping in mind the branding colour palettes, typography and readability of the website to ensure it’s both eye captions and usability. A web developer takes those designs and turns them into a live functioning and error-free web site, in other words, they build the actual interface through which users interact with the web site to ensure a website’s functionality.

Web developer

What are the tools used by web designers and developers?

All web designers are the ones who maintain the web site’s design and visual appeal. They typically use graphic design software such as Photoshop Illustrator, Sigma and sketch tools which are significant in building proper wireframes and exact prototypes which are relevant in making the site’s layout. They also help in navigating¬† a product and even web site analytics, we’ve already touched on the fact that web developers use programming languages to create the website’s code, but they also use different kinds of systems and languages to set up an email service which would run on several databases authenticated by some technical aspects of the sites, to do this,¬† developers use software like text editors, a command-line interface and version control to build the features that will present the data now let’s take a look

Differences in portfolio presentation

Both the two roles, web designers and web developers need a good portfolio to showcase their skills and experience for future employers and clients however web designers and web developers tend to use different services to create their collections, for example, a designer might use websites that offer the ability to showcase their expertise in colour schemes graphic design ability and creativity such a the hearts or dribble on the other hand. Web developers tend to rely on websites like GitHub that shows how the developer can rearrange the codes so that they can make an elegant coding apparatus which is readable to other web developers or cloud-based website hosting services like AWS and Heroku to display static websites and web applications that they might have created.

Portfolio presentation


Web developers use web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as various software applications which will help them to construct a structure of the building site. These people create structures that the clients can live in just as architects and builders collaborate to create a beautiful home for the clients. Web developers and designers work symbiotically to create a fantastic product for the user.


Web developer vs Web designer

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