Career paths for web learners

Web learners

If you’ve learned HTML and CSS and you weigh up your options you’re looking at how to progress your career, but you don’t know where to go from here, this is not supposed to be a 100% guide, this is meant to be a way to show all the available routes which you can take as there are many. There are different routes if you’re more of a designer, you can become a front-end developer. There are front-end developers that are stronger on design than the development. Eventually, something will come about, that will better distinguish an individual’s skill set, but you can become a design-centric front-end developer, shall we say so in that regard keep working on your skillset, most importantly on HTML and CSS which prove to be a bit simpler than the others as well as less time-consuming. Learn version-control specifically, and you don’t have to master JavaScript if you know that your strength lies in the design, you can get by with jQuery you can even build e-commerce sites, social networking sites by leveraging the power of a CMS.

Using WordPress

There are many WordPress expression engines, there are two top-rated e-commerce plug-ins, the WooCommerce plug-in and shop this body press, if you need to make a social networking site there are two well-known WordPress themes Divi and Genesis. Divi is a theme which is more geared to suit the needs of a designer, given its flexibility. Genesis is the one which performs to its optimum level in the hands of a developer and would provide him/her with total control of the site and the only thing with using a CMS is you’ve got to know how to how to secure the database you’ll need to have some maintenance package as well as individually on WordPress. It needs to be maintained, and you need to either show the client how to update it or sign them up on some maintenance package,  the thing with a maintenance package is that it brings with itself a load of responsibility which you might not want to get entangled with. Where you click update and it breaks, and you’ve got to try and fix it as fast as you can because you may not get be getting paid all that much on a maintenance package.


In a nutshell

Bear in mind; eventually, you may find that you team up with a developer then they can take care of the programming side of things and then you can hone your skills on UX and UI design, that’s an exciting area, even branding. You can handle the whole discovery process of the project. It is essential to get clear on the client’s message and their audience and guide the client through that area to produce the design and hand that over to the developer the extraordinary thing about becoming part of a team is you have better access then to the $3,000 $5,000 $10,000 plus projects.

Career paths for web learners

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